Children’s Fairyland Oakland: The Best Place to Take Your Kids this Summer!

Boasting gentle rides, friendly animals and plenty of live shows, Children’s Fairyland is a storybook theme park on the shores of Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. The amusement park has stood since 1960 – making it one of the oldest parks in America- and proudly houses Open Storybook Puppet Theater; one of only a few longest running puppet theaters nationwide!

Children’s Fairyland is also a popular venue for birthday parties. There are several party packages, based on the number of children. For example, a two-hour party is $10 per person, while a three-hour party is $15. A birthday party can include the Open Storybook Puppet Theater, the Jolly Trolly ride, and a bouncy castle. A birthday party is ideal for kids from ages one to twelve.

Children’s Fairyland is an outdoor playground that has been operating since 1950. It is a nonprofit community organization that offers a safe, fun environment for children of all ages. Its programs promote literacy and encourage young children to read. It is located near downtown Oakland. The park’s first owner, Arthur Navlet, was an Oakland businessman who had an idea for a storybook theme park. Navlet researched amusement parks and zoos to find inspiration for the park’s design. He envisioned a fantasy world with 40 storybooks themed settings and live entertainment. His proposal was approved by the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club.

During the early years, the park operated with a low-tech approach. Its employees recognize the connections between the park and Walt Disney. The park offers a variety of fun and educational activities, as well as special performances and floats for the Spring and Fall parades.
Fairyland is a great place to take a school field trip, as well as for children’s birthday parties. The park offers subsidized visits to neighbors in need, and children can receive free admission for one or two years through a family membership. The price of admission includes all but the food.

The park’s attractions include the Jolly Trolly, Alice in Wonderland Tunnel, and forty-storybook storybook sets. There are also small rides and live performances, such as the Open Storybook Puppet Theater, Alice’s Reading Room, and the Farm Animals. There is a gift shop, and food is available at the Johnny Appleseed Cafe.

There are also a variety of other attractions, such as the Fairyland farm, a small “zoo,” and a musical instrument store. The park is open to the public several days a week in the summer and is open on the weekends in the winter. There are a few fees, depending on the length of the visit and the type of event. You can visit the park for a single day for a modest fee, or you can purchase a pass for several days. Children’s Fairyland has stood the test of time, still offering its original vision of an unplugged amusement park for youngsters. Whether you live in the East Bay or are only visiting, this classic destination is a must-see!

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