Do I need to submit drawings and plans to my city council before starting a garage conversion project?

Yes, you will need to submit drawings and plans for your garage conversion project to your city council before starting.
The exact requirements for submitting these documents may vary depending on the local government in your area. It is best to contact your local planning department or building department to find out what documents are necessary and how they should be submitted.

Generally speaking, plans should include the measurements and layout of your proposed garage conversion, along with details about any structural changes, electrical work, and plumbing that will be required.

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Additionally, you may need to submit a Certificate of Appropriateness if you plan to make changes to the exterior of your home or property. Once approved by the city council, you can move forward with your project. It is important to note that all renovation and construction projects must adhere to local building codes.

Before starting a garage conversion, be sure to consult your local government and understand all applicable laws. Good luck!

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