Why Are Bathroom Remodeling So Expensive?

You’re finally ready to say goodbye to your outdated bathroom. You’ve had it with the rust-stained tub, water-damaged vanity and avocado toilet that’s been around since you first repurchased this house in 1979! What would be a perfect new space for last year’s homeowner? One that has ample storage, a pleasing color palette, and a spa-like feel, of course. The question is how much will it cost?

If you feel like the price quotes for your bathroom remodel have been shocking, then you’re not alone. Bathroom remodeling can be shockingly expensive, and it’s common to find that prices are especially variable when doing a project such as this one.

Your bathroom is a smaller space, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on features. A remodel can make your room feel brighter and more spacious with new fixtures or lighting. Many different kinds of tradespeople may be involved in the bathroom remodeling process:

-Electricians will install any necessary electrical work for lights or switches; they’ll also have to wire outlets around the bathtub, so you don’t get zapped while brushing up against them! They might even add wall sconces above your mirror if those look like something you want too 

– plumbers are responsible for installing showerheads and faucets and fixing leaks from pipes (though this isn’t their only job!)  

– painters apply paint to walls

With all of these expenses, it is no wonder that a high-quality bathroom renovation can cost upwards of $10,000. The common wisdom for those looking to save money on their next bath remodel has been: You get what you pay for.

The typical 5′ x 8′ home bathroom space only amounts to 40 square feet – which means the price tag associated with this size should be relatively low when compared to other more elaborate renovations such as kitchen and living room upgrades; however, there are still costs involved in installing any new or renovated flooring surface (tile, vinyl), toilet installation/replacement ($200-$250) and sink fixtures ($150). In addition, contractors may charge an hourly rate plus materials fee ranging from $120

How To Save Money On Your Renovation

Bathroom remodeling is costly, but you can save money on yours by carefully choosing your finishes and keeping an existing layout. There are some things that you should never go cheap with – hiring unlicensed contractors or handypersons is a big no-no, for example! But the best way to cut costs is combining projects into one job, so it becomes much cheaper per square foot in total. For instance, if two bathrooms need work done, then do them both at once instead of spacing out their installation; this will significantly reduce the overall cost per sq ft.

Bathroom remodels are an exciting and necessary step for homeowners that want to create a bathroom they will love forever. When it comes time to make the final decision, there is so much to think about: do you need more storage space? How many bathrooms should your house have? What style would fit best with our overall design aesthetic in this area of the home? And how large or small can we go without compromising on quality- one size does not always fit all! If you’re looking for some expert advice from someone who has seen just about every possibility when it comes to designing bath spaces, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

There have never been better reasons than now for a bathroom remodeling project.

How Much Should I Budget For Bathroom Remodeling?

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